CNC Milling Machine


CNC Mini-Mill/3 PRO (Minitech Machinery Corp)

Desktop Stereolithography 3D Printer

3D Printer

Form 1+ High-Resolution 3D Printer (Formlabs)

Inverted Microscope

Eclipse Ti-S Inverted Microscopes (Nikon)

High-Speed Camera

Image result for Phantom Miro M310

Phantom Miro M310 (Vision Research)

Electrochemical Analyzer


Model 600E Series Electrochemical Analyzer (CH Instruments)

Wax Printer

Wax printer

ColorQube 8580/DN (Xerox)

Portable Dissolved Oxygen Meter

Extech DO700

DO700 9-in-1 Meter with Lab Performance (Extech)

Wideband Power Amplifier

Image result for Model 7602M-Model 7602M Wideband Amplifier

7602(M) Wideband Power Amplifier  (Krohn-Hite Instruments)

High Voltage Power Amplifier

Image result for TEGAM 2350 2-Channel High Voltage Precision

2350 2-Channel Precision High Voltage Power Amplifier (Tegam)

Data Logger (Digital Multimeter)

S l1600

2701 Data Logger (Keithley)

Micro-Fluidic Work Station

lab smith

Micro-Fluidic Work Station (LabSmith)

Biological Safety Cabinet

CellGard NU-475 Class II Biosafety Cabinet

CellGard 475 Biological Safety Cabinet (NuAire)

UV-VIS Visible Spectrophotometer



722N UV-VIS Visible Spectrophotometer (

Refrigerated Centrifuge


Labofuge 400 R refrigerated Centrifuge (Thermo Scientific)


Image result for Tuttnauer 1730MK Dental Steam Autoclave Ster

1730MK Autoclave (Tuttnauer)

CO2 Digital Incubator

Benchmark MyTemp™ Mini CO2 Digital Incubator

MyTemp Mini CO2 Digital Incubator (Benchmark)

Shaking Incubator

Image result for incu-shaker mini benchmark

Incu-Shaker Mini (Benchmark)

Semi Micro Dual Range Balance

ViBRA LF-225 DR Balance

LF-225 DR Semi Micro Dual Range Balance (ViBRA)

Spin Coater System

SCK-200 Spin Coater Kit

SCK-200P Spin Coater System (INSTRA SCIENTFIC)

Acrylic Vacuum Chamber

Clear Acrylic Vacuum Chamber (Sanatron)

Syringe Pumps

Image result for Nexus 3000 Syringe Pump

Nexus 3000 Syringe Pump (Nexus)


Fusion 200 Two-Channel Syringe Pump (Chemyx Inc)

High-Voltage Power Amplifier

Model 609E-6 High-Voltage Power Amplifier (Trek)

High-performance dispersing instrument

IKA Dispersers T 25 digital ULTRA-TURRAX®

T25 digital ultra turrax high-speed homogenizer (IKA)


Image result for MTI OTF-1200X

1200°C Dual Zone Split Tube Furnace (MTI)

Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator

Ultrasonic Homogenizer Sonicator (JoyFay)

NanoVue Plus spectrophotometer

NanoVue Plus spectrophotometer (GE Healthcare)

Mini BlotBoy 3D Rocker


 Mini BlotBoy 3D Rocker (Benchmark)

Vortex Mixer



Electrophoresis system

Image result for E-Gel® electrophoresis system

E-Gel® electrophoresis system (Invitrogen)

Our group has access to shared facilities at UIC (, such as Nanotechnology Core Facility (NCF), Electron Microscopy Services (EMS) and High Performance Research Computing (HPCC). In particular, NCF hosts a wide range of equipment for microfabrication and testing of microfluidics devices, such as a Nanoscribe 3D laser lithography system, mask aligners for photolithography, Deep Reactive Ion Ethcing (DRIE), scanning electron microscopes and atomic force microscopes.

NCF Photolith Bay 03-02-15

Photolithography bay at NCF