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In our daily life, we use eyes and ears to sense the world, and our hands to shape the world. However, if we want to shape the world at microscale, we need help from miniaturized sensors and actuators. Our lab is focused on developing advanced microfluidic sensors and actuators. In particular, we are interested in acoustic-bubble-based actuation and low-cost/high-performance sensing techniques.

Acoustofluidics (bubble-based actuation) Heading link

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The acoustofluidics research thrust in our laboratory explores interesting phenomena occurring when acoustic waves meet fluids at microscale. We are particularly interested in using acoustically-actuated microbubbles to create microstreaming, both symmetric (top left) and directional (top right), as well as creating a trapping force. Applications include microfluidic mixing, pumping, particle manipulation, worm/sperm sorting, fish manipulation, sensing enhancement, soundproofing, and additive manufacturing.

Recent publications: Heading link

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Microfluidic biosensors Heading link

Microfluidic biosensors

The biosensors research thrust in our laboratory focuses on cost-effective, user-friendly and reliable biological microfluidic chips to address various concerns in global health. Various sensing techniques and fabrication methods have been studied including electrochemical detection (left), optical detection (right) and 3D-printed microfluidic sensors. Specifically, ongoing research projects involve rapid biological detection based on paper devices, determination of foodborne pathogens based on DNA probes, early cancer detection by separating circulating tumor cells from blood samples and enzymatic/microbial electrochemical sensors.

Recent publications: Heading link

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